Unconventional Reservoirs

Applying and adapting established methodologies, our unconventional reservoirs specialists continue to develop and implement targeted strategies in close co-operation with our clients.

High-Resolution Sedimentology and Structural Analysis

By establishing a hierarchical sedimentary framework, that provides the context for integrated micropore-scale investigations, we provide accurate analysis and argued interpretations of the core (and image log) and depositional environment, this typically includes:
• High-resolution interpretative graphic core descriptions at 1:20/1:10 scale
• Lithotype characterisation uniquely developed to capture very fine scale attributes
• Upscaled depositional packages and genetic element interpretation to provide a more holistic characterisation from core, wireline and image logs
• Stacking patterns, vertical organisation and depositional hierarchy
• Depositional models

Structural geology
By upscaling and integrating core-scale fracture profiling with the sedimentological framework we are able to provide analysis and interpretation of reservoir scale fracture distribution, this typically includes:
• Structural core logging
• Structural dip evaluation from image log - validated by core calibration (where possible)
• Fault/fracture analysis and classification of structural features
In situ stress indicators to determine the maximum horizontal stress
• Helical CAT scan analysis in conjunction with image logs
• Lithological and stratigraphical controls on fracture distribution

Micropore-scale analysis

Evaluation of rock texture, fabric, composition and pore system, integrated with geochemical and geomechanical properties and their impact on reservoir characteristics are assessed through use of:
• Thin-section petrography to evaluate mineral distribution and to recognise rock fabric
• BS-SEM and FIB-SEM to examine pore system and microstructure
• Image analysis from SEM and/or conventional microscope images
• XRD (whole rock and clay fraction) and XRF analysis to quantify mineralogy and chemical composition
• Stable isotopes to examine the timing of diagenetic phases
• Rock-Eval and TOC data to evaluate the type and maturity of any organic matter present

Unconventional reservoir characterisation – integrated consultancy
• Integrating and interpreting multiple datasets from micropore-scale analyses, core and wireline logs
• Time and cost effective delivery of concise, illustrated reports addressing specific reservoir characterisation issues as defined by the client

unconventionals poster

This high resolution A3 poster provides an overview of the techniques that we use in the characterisation of Unconventional Reservoirs. (3.6mb)